About Clifford Fuel Co. Inc.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. is a wholesale fuel distributor in the Central New York region. Our services include wholesale fuel distribution and retail support for convenience stores. We are a local business that understands the importance of keeping things local and simple.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. was founded in 1961 by Jack Clifford in Dolgeville, NY. Located in rural Herkimer County, we supplied home heating oil, LP gas, farm gas, and diesel fuel. Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. supplied five service stations with gasoline and had five employees.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. moved the main office to Utica, NY, in 1966 as a Commission Agent for Sinclair Oil providing an opportunity to grow the business by supplying gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants to an increasing number of service stations in Central New York. Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. continued to grow during the 1970’s by providing stable supply and good service at a time when many suppliers had difficulty obtaining adequate supply due to the energy shortages and product allocations.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. diversified the operation in the 1980’s by owning and operating some of our own locations. Over the years we have evolved our retail operation from small, full serve gas outlets and convenience stores to new, larger convenience stores equipped with major food service operations of our own along with partnerships with both Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts. In 2017, the company operated convenience stores launched a new name and are now all operating under the name of Cliff’s Local Market.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. has continued to be a family owned operation since its inception and we are proud that a third generation of the family is leading the way. Jim Clifford is the President and has been joined by two of his sons, Jim and Mike Clifford.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. continues to supply many locations owned by independent operators with gasoline and diesel fuel. Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. operates our own fleet of delivery trucks throughout Central and Northern New York and markets Citgo, Sunoco, and unbranded products to it’s customers.

Clifford Fuel Co. Inc. History