Clifford Fuel Company Inc. is proud to offer Sunoco branded fuel. Sunoco focuses on quality and is proud to offer UltraTech fuel, a Top Tier high detergent fuel blend. UltraTech fuel is the same quality fuel used in NASCAR. Sunoco branded fuel also comes with the Price Chopper AdvantEdge loyalty program and an app for mobile payment and coupons.

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Clifford Fuel Company Inc. is proud to offer CITGO branded fuel. Quality fuel is important to CITGO. All CITGO TriClean gasolines carry the Top Tier designation. CITGO also offers the Club CITGO loyalty app.


If you are looking for the unbranded option, Clifford Fuel Company Inc. offers that as well. We understand the importance of promoting your own brand and differentiating yourself from other companies. We also offer credit card processing for unbranded locations. Stand out from the crowd and stand on your own with our full offering of unbranded fuel.

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